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Luminar Neo empowers you to express the beauty you see

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Works as standalone app or plugin

Adobe Photoshop® Plugin

  • Over 100 AI-powered tools
  • Freely transform Layers & automatic AI Masking
  • Remove power lines and dust spots with sliders
  • Relight image with a virtual flashlight
  • Replace skies and add details in a click
  • Portrait BokehAI effect for any portrait photo without cropping
  • Unique AccentAI, EnhanceAI, and CompositionAI improve any image instantly
  • RAW file and Smart object workflow support
  • Film stock emulation with LUTs
  • Speed up batch processing by adding multiple filters to a custom Template

Adobe Lightroom® Classic Plugin

  • Over 100 AI-powered tools
  • Freely transform Layers & automatic AI Masking
  • Adaptive Luminar Presets to speed up batch processing
  • Relight image with a virtual flashlight
  • Film stock emulation with LUTs
  • Unique AccentAI, EnhanceAI, and CompositionAI improve any image instantly
  • Portrait BokehAI, skin correction, and facial feature improvements without cropping and textures
  • Remove power lines and dust spots with sliders
  • Replace skies and add details in a click
  • 16-bit workflow supported
  • Content-aware Object Erase to reduce manual work
  • Add new features even to older versions of Lightroom

for macOS Extension

  • Over 100 AI-powered tools
  • Unique AccentAI, EnhanceAI, and CompositionAI improve any image instantly
  • Portrait BokehAI, skin correction, and facial feature improvements without cropping and textures
  • Remove power lines and dust spots with sliders
  • Replace skies and add details in a click
  • Relight image with a virtual flashlight
  • Adaptive Luminar Presets to speed up batch processing
  • Content-aware Object Erase
  • Works with RAW and JPEG photos
  • Nondestructive editing extension (original files automatically backed up)
  • Film stock emulation with LUTs

Master portrait retouching with intuitive AI tools

Fix skin imperfections and highlight beautiful facial features with FaceAI and SkinAI. Vivid lips, iris flare, smooth and textured skin, and a naturally shaped face make any portrait stunning.







© Sergey Kovbasyuk
© Sergey Kovbasyuk
© Maryna Yurlovskaya

Create a bokeh effect with any lens in any light

The Portrait BokehAI tool creates creamy bokeh background blur and works on just about any portrait photo. Take precise control over depth of field, softness, and glow.

Remove the background without masking

Forget about time-consuming manual selections. AI technology automatically detects and selects subjects. You can remove the whole background behind a person and use it as a layer or export it as a PNG file.

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© Boydriessen


Unlock detail and clarity for images that pop and create an eye-catching composition around your subject. StructureAI increases image contrast and brings out more details, keeping human figures untouched.

© Daniel Kordan


Supercontrast is perfect for precise tonal contrast and accent replacements. Six AI controls allow for more definition in the highlights, midtones, and shadows for detailed images.

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Relight backlit photos in 3D with virtual flash

Relight backlit photos or darkened images in a slide with the RelightAI feature. Luminar Neo calculates the depth of a photo and creates a precise depth map to spread the light spatially across a 2D image.

© Jessica Kobeissi

Mask up to 9 types of objects in a click

Now you can automatically create masks of objects with a single click. Mask people, skies, buildings, vehicles, water, plants, mountains, and both natural and artificial ground by clicking a single button.

Adjustments Masking
AI Mask

Create numerous layers for collages and overlays

Add as many layers as needed to fulfill any complex idea. Use blending and masking modes, make collages, add double exposure effects, and do more on each layer. You can make layers look completely different using Luminar’s presets and AI tools.

© serezniy
© LadanivskyyO

Bring volumetric & realistic sun rays

Place beautiful beams of light in a click. The Sunrays tool creates a source of light that automatically passes through trees, around mountains, and even wraps around objects in the photo.


Remove PowerlinesAI

Automatically remove distracting elements in your cityscapes, urban landscapes or travel photos. Get a clear sky with no cluttered phone or power lines.

© O.Rohulya

Clean Dust Spot Automatically

Automatically selects and removes blemishes. No tedious manual masking or erase & close needed. Get rid of them in just a few clicks.

Before After
© By Tia


Create dramatic photos with crystal-clear sharpness, even if your photography gear lets you down. You can selectively enhance the sharpness of small, medium, and large details while protecting highlights to get the best out of blurred pictures.

Before After
© Ksenia Kazak


You may notice distracting noise or grain in your image if you shoot with a high ISO setting on a digital camera, underexpose your shot, or use a slow shutter speed. With Denoise, you can reduce or completely remove grayscale and color noise from the image.

Before After
© Rawpixel


The Mood tool uses professional lookup tables (LUTs) to quickly change the tone of your photo. Choose from film stocks and black and white looks — or create color grades to unlock a new style in seconds. You’ll find several built-in LUTs in the Choose LUT drop-down menu.

Before After
© Cuma Cevik


EnhanceAI is a perfect tool for getting started. It analyzes your photos and instantly improves the color quality, details, and tone by selecting the right color balance. AccentAI is a magical slider for controls such as Shadows, Highlights, Contrast, Tone, Saturation, Exposure, and Details.

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Place fog, mist & haze with realistic perspective

Any landscape can become even more dramatic with AtmosphereAI. This smart tool prevents the subject of your photograph (such as a person or tree) from being covered.

Before After
© Wirestock
Before After
© slava2271


The Color tool is a useful way to control the intensity of colors in a photo with Saturation and Vibrance. Adjust the intensity of muted colors and achieve fine control when adjusting color. Remove Color Cast with a special tool by detecting and adjusting the hue.

Before After
© Marharyta Hanhalo


The Toning tool corrects overall brightness and contrast for a balanced image. This is one of the most important tools to get the right tonal harmony for your photo.

Before After
© Rawpixel


From fashion shots to urban images to grungy athletic portraits, achieve a gritty cinematic look similar to what you could achieve with the bleach bypass technique in a darkroom.

Before After
© Javier Pardina

Color Harmony

The Color Harmony tool offers several advanced options for precise color control. Adjust Brilliance, Warmth, and Contrast as well as the amount and balance of a selected color group.

Difference between Luminar apps

Difference between Luminar apps

luminar 4

Luminar 4

Intelligent Photo Editor

luminar ai


AI Photo Editor

luminar neo

Luminar Neo

Creative Image Editor


Using RAW images as layers
Ability to use one editing tool multiple times
Built-in library of Textures & Overlays
Management of user’s Textures & Overlays
Flexible user-centric order of application of tools while editing an image
Application of any editing tool to any image layer
Save all the layers with images and masks to a Preset / Look / Template for double reuse
Applying Presets / Looks / Templates to any layer, independently of each other. Applying a Preset / Look / Template does not discard previously made changes.
Application of a few Presets / Looks / Templates to one image with unique own masks
Speed of editing tool does not depend on the number of tools applied to the image
Basic Local Masking tool for Local Adjustments


Luminosity Masking
AI-based Masking
Portrait Background Removal
AI Sensor Dust Removal
AI Power Lines Removal
AI Relight based on image depth
Sky ReplacementAI
Skin EnhancerAI
Portrait BokehAI
Mobile Sharing with Mobile Assistant
Number of editing tools 32 32 36
Number of AI tools 4 10 13
Ability to import and manage photos in catalog
Sync Editing State
Export Multiple Images
Work as plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
Work as plug-in for Adobe Lightroom
RAW files support
Photoshop plug-ins Support

Will be added in later updates View plans

Film Grain

The Film Grain tool emulates the structure of analog film stock by adding random, stylized grain to your image.

Dodge & Burn Coming Soon

Dodge & Burn tools allow fine control when lightening or darkening an image. The Dodge & Burn tool simulates traditional techniques used by photographers in a darkroom to regulate the amount of light on a particular area, which is useful for portrait retouching and object volumizing.


Take complete control over the shape and position of the vignette to accentuate meaningful details. Refine the image with inner brightness for improved contrast and get professional, realistic results.

High Key

The High Key tool imitates the look achieved by high key lighting, where the main light source slightly overexposes the subject. It produces high-contrast portraits and is often used in fashion and beauty photography.


The Optics tool is designed to remove flaws in the image caused by the lens or camera handling, with special adjustments for raw images. With Optics, you can get rid of wide-angle distortion and remove chromatic aberrations to achieve truer perspective, clear object contours, and more attractive portraits.


The Light tool contains the most essential controls for adjusting the color and tone of an image. White Balance, Profile, Temperature, Tint, Exposure, and Smart Contrast adjustments made with this tool set the stage for all further adjustments.

An application & plugin.
For Windows & macOS

  • High-performance image editor
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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Product delivery stages

Early Access version

Core Luminar features

Core Luminar features

100+ classic and AI-based solutions for professional results

Remove Dust Spots

Remove Dust Spots

Select and remove dust spots in one click



Control the light in 3D space

Remove Powerlines

Remove Powerlines

Detect and get rid of powerlines automatically

Luminar Share

Easily share images between desktop and mobile

Main release in February



Enhance your image in one click



Manipulate multiple photos with image layers

First free update



Detect and select elements with AI for quick tool application

Portrait Background RemovalAI

Portrait Background RemovalAI

Remove portrait backgrounds automatically

The product will be delivered to you in three stages. The Early Access version is available right now. The full version will be delivered to you in February via software updates. Later on, additional features will be added via the first free major upgrade.

What is Early Access and what can I expect from it?

Luminar Neo Early Access is a preliminary product release for our most devoted customers who want to shape the product together with us. The Early Access version delivers most of the core Luminar functionality together with three new AI-driven features. We would highly appreciate your feedback on the performance of those three features. You can leave your feedback right in the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is easy-to-use photo editing software that empowers photography lovers to express the beauty they imagined using innovative AI-driven tools.

We’ve built Luminar Neo from the ground up to be different from previous Luminar editors. It keeps your favorite LuminarAI tools and expands your arsenal with more state-of-the-art technologies and important changes at its core. Meanwhile, the recognizable Luminar design is retained, making Neo simple to use and fun to explore.

What’s new in Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is a giant leap forward to more innovative, AI-based editing.

What differentiates Luminar Neo from all previous versions of Luminar is its modular engine. Modules help to evenly distribute the load for faster image processing. This allows you to apply lots of different tools to an image without significant performance losses and save all edits automatically.

In Luminar Neo, you can find powerful new tools to help fix things in post as fast as possible – and save every moment at its best. What can Luminar Neo help you with? Automatically remove dust spots and power lines, mask objects, and relight the scene; add as many layers as needed to fulfill your complex ideas; plus, use blending and masking modes, make collages, add double exposure effects, and do more on all layers.

The brand-new Luminar Share mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to quickly and seamlessly transfer images from your phone to your computer.

How do I get Luminar Neo?

You can buy Luminar Neo on this page (look for the Buy now button). Luminar Neo is available for macOS and Windows as an application and plug-in. View subscription and one-time purchase options.

How many devices can I use Luminar Neo on?

The number of devices is stated on the checkout page. Usually, we offer licenses for 1 or 2 devices (“seats”).

Two seats allows you to install and activate Luminar Neo on two devices at once, regardless of their operating system. For example, you can use one seat to activate Luminar Neo on a Mac and the other one to activate Luminar Neo on a Windows computer, or you can use both seats for your Windows or macOS computers. Any combination works!

Moreover, you can always manage your activations in your Skylum Account. You are able to add even more seats in your Skylum Account if you have multiple computers or want to share your license with people who need access.

Are you changing computers or upgrading your device? You can reset a license from your old machine at no cost and activate that license on your new device. Just log in to your Skylum account to reset activations for Luminar Neo.

Do you offer educational and military discounts?

Educational and military discounts are available starting from the official release date and are calculated from the regular sale price.

To secure the special price, click here. If you own a previous version of Luminar or Aurora HDR, we also provide a loyalty discount. Click here to redeem it.