Technologies inside Photolemur

While it’s simple on the outside, Photolemur is extremely complicated on the inside. Its engine uses 12 different technologies to make your images look great.

  • Color Recovery

Automatic Color Recovery technology makes sure your photos retain the bright, vivid colors of real life. It instantly adjusts colors to pop beautifully on the screen.

  • JPEG Fix

JPEG Fix finds and corrects mistakes in JPEG images by suppressing compression artifacts to quickly improve the quality of images.

  • Foliage Enhancement

Foliage Enhancement automatically picks out individual trees, leaves, and any other kind of plant or shrub and adjusts colors, sharpness, and other settings to bring the stunning natural beauty back to your image.

  • Automatic Color Temperature

This technology automatically adjusts the colors of objects to match their colors in real life.

  • Automatic Lens Correction

Distortion usually appears in images taken with wide lenses, causing objects to look different in size and shape from how they look in real life. Photolemur’s Auto Lens Correction automatically fixes distortion as well as chromatic aberration and vignetting to make your images looks natural.

  • Smart Dehaze 

Smart Dehaze automatically detects and removes unnatural haze, fog, mist, dust, smog, or distracting unpleasantries in order to enhance the colors and overall beauty of your photos.

  • RAW Processing

With support for the RAW format and the rest of Photolemur’s technologies, you won’t need to worry about how to improve photo quality ever again.

  • Sky Enhancement

Sky Enhancement brings head-turning, striking colors back to your skies, giving the whites of the clouds a lift and enhancing the blues.

  • Exposure Compensation

Photolemur provides automatic Exposure Compensation, making dark images brighter and overexposed images darker. This technology automatically detects and compensates for inaccurate exposure settings. Exposure compensation fixes issues with exposure by slightly lightening or darkening images to make up for inconsistencies.

  • Natural Light Correction

Natural Light Correction technology keeps the appropriate warm or cool tones to best represent the time of day. Photolemur Daylight Correction takes into account the time of day in your photos and adjusts tones, exposure, and contrast to bring out the natural colors and lighting of your real-life moments.

  • Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction automatically finds and removes unwanted digital noise that’s most often created by slow shutter speeds in low light situations.

  • Tint Perfection

Tint Perfection automatically analyzes your photos to find the best tint — whether warmer or cooler — depending on several variables.

  • Face Retouching

Photolemur’s Face Enhancement detects faces in your photos, regardless of the number, then removes any imperfections and blemishes, and it does all that automatically with pleasing, natural-looking results. You’ll never get better and more effortless skin retouching, whether it’s for portraits, groups shots, or selfies.

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