What’s new in Photolemur 2.3 Phoenix?

Both the free version and the full version of Photolemur provide a host of new features in 2.3 Phoenix.

  • New Perfect Eye photo processing engine

The Perfect Eye processing engine is powered by Artificial Intelligence and was tested on 120,000 images by 65 photographers. It examines the color of each pixel’s neighbors to automatically make colors vivid and natural. 

  • Smart automatic JPEG processing

JPEG Fix recovers information that’s lost in compression. It corrects flaws to quickly improve the quality of pictures.

  • Automatic lens correction

Distortion tends to appear in images taken with wide lenses. This causes objects to look different in size and shape from how they look in real life. Photolemur automatically fixes distortion as well as chromatic aberration and vignetting to make your images look natural.

  • New export window 

The new Photolemur export window allows you to resize images and manage their naming, format, and quality. You can also change the color profile of your photos and save all these settings to your own presets.

  • Drag and drop from Photos

Photolemur now lets you drag and drop images directly from Photos on Mac. This allows you to enhance photos much faster. 

  • New languages

Photolemur now speaks two new languages: Hebrew and Arabic. 

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