Auto lens correction

Lens correction is a set of fixes for such common issues as distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting. 

Distortion usually appears on images taken with wide lenses and causes objects to look different in size and shape from how they look in real life.

Straight lines appear curved because the field of view of the lens is much wider than the size of the image sensor.

Chromatic aberration causes objects in photos to be framed with yellow and pink lines. This happens because of light being refracted differently while passing through the lens. 

Vignetting is caused by optics and looks like black corners on an image.

Photolemur’s lens correction fixes all these issues automatically.

How to enable lens correction in Photolemur

To enable lens correction, click on File, choose Settings, and click on Auto Lens Correction.

If it’s already checked, that means it’s enabled.  

As soon as you upload a photo to Photolemur, lens correction will be applied.

How to disable lens correction

To disable lens correction, click on File, choose Settings, and select Auto Lens Correction.

After you disable it, there will be no checkmark next to the Auto Lens Correction option. 

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