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365 photo tips

To achieve the beautiful mountain landscape, capture more clouds

To take stunning architectural photos, place the main building in the middle of the scene and surround it with symmetrical objects.

Set your camera on your car’s roof to capture the reflections from its surface when shooting landscapes

To achieve a deep color of water, shoot at midday when the sun is positioned directly overhead.

Including a focal point to your photo will make the shot way more attractive.

For unexpectedly beautiful beach shots, take your lenses closer to the water’s edge

Shoot from a low angle to have more prominent background and better composition

To create a silhouette on the photo, make your subject stand between you and the light source

Using a frame in picture composition will help bring attention to the subject.

Timeless Composition Rule: Visually divide your area into 9 equal parts and place a subject closer to the border.

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