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Dehaze Tool

Protects your images from the unwanted and
unrealistic haziness or fog

You’ve snapped what you believe is a terrific landscape photo. Unfortunately, once you take a look at the image on your Mac, you realize it contains too much haze.

This occurrence happens with backlit photos when the sun is directly behind your subject. Sometimes haze that occurs naturally looks quite nice. Unfortunately, too much haze makes for an unforgiving image that needs to be corrected.

Dehaze photo software

Our digital photo enhancement software  protects your images from unwanted and unrealistic haziness or fog. Better still, the Photolemur Smart De-Haze tool automatically detects and removes unnatural objects such as haze, fog, mist, dust, or smog to enhance the colors and overall beauty of your photos.

Finally, because Photolemur learns from each successfully corrected photo, your stunning snapshots are carefully preserved and improved to be more breathtaking than ever before.

Other photo-editing tools on the market use a hard-coded set of settings that they apply to every image they come across. These configurations, basically a filter, mix some combination of exposure adjustment, saturation, and contrast, among other things, for every image. It’s only after you start clicking on the different filters within the photo-editing solution that you see changes to your photos.

Photolemur takes a different approach. First, it doesn’t use hard-coded filters. Instead, it uses a proprietary technology to make custom enhancements that are unique to a specific photo.

Photolemur is highly accessible and user-friendly. It doesn’t require special courses to master. All users need to know is that they want to de-hazing in a picture. De-hazing in another photo editor's requires time and training to perfect. Although users may develop presets in some traditional photo editors, they begin from scratch with basic tools. In a traditional mac or windows photo editor, the results depend as much on the editor’s skill as the software itself. Photolemur’s Smart dehaze allows any photographer to perfect their photos, no classes required.

With de-hazing the choice is simple. You can move around sliders to manually adjust the amount of hazing in each of your photographs, or you can use one tool that will do the work for you automatically.

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