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Dehaze Tool

Dehazing Images

When you shoot images using a high ISO setting or have a long shutter speed, it can cause undesirable grain or noise. This can also be caused when you don’t have access to a high-quality digital camera or the sun is directly behind your subject. While this might only be noticeable upon closer inspection, it can still distract the attention away from your subject. Luminar offers a wide range of features that let you remove fog or haziness after you have taken your photos. 

The benefits of using Luminar

Rescues your landscapes

 Luminar can protect your photos from undesirable and unrealistic fog or haziness. It will automatically identify and remove unnatural-looking dust, haze, fog, mist or smog.

Software that improves itself

 Unlike other similar software solutions, Luminar does not use hard-coded filters. With the help of its proprietary technology, it can apply custom enhancements to your photos. The final result is unique edits for each and every photo.

User-friendly controls

 The only thing that you need to know is that you want to dehaze your image. When you use Luminar, you can perfectly dehaze your photos without prior training. Rest assured, if you prefer to move around the sliders manually as opposed to letting it apply the edits automatically, it can still give you manual control over your images.

What tools does Luminar offer?

Denoise Tool

 Luckily, there’s no need to upgrade to a more expensive camera. Instead, you can simply upgrade to Luminar as its intuitive Denoise Tool can remove grayscale as well as color noise. Moreover, with the help of its advanced settings, you can also control how aggressive the Denoise filter should be applied.

Details Enhancer

 This tool offers a wide range of standard controls and advanced settings to help you remove halos and extra artifacts. Use the sliders to intensify the sharpness of fine details, medium-sized parts as well as the global contours of objects. Moreover, Luminar boasts a Details Protection slider to make sure that you don’t over-process areas of your photo.

Landscape Enhancer

 Landscape and real estate photographers will love this tool! If you’ve missed the golden hour, Luminar will come to your rescue. With this tool you can bring warmth and softness to your images. If you often capture images in foggy or misty conditions, it also offers a built-in dehaze functionality.

AI Enhance Tool

 This tool will automatically correct your images, yet offer you enough control over the final results. With the AI Accent, you can replace several traditional tools like tone, exposure and saturation, while the AI Sky Enhance feature will zoom in on your sky to enhance its texture and colors. 

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