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Photo Enhancement on Autopilot

Sky Enhancement

Quickly Turn Regular Photos Into Natural
Masterpieces by Editing the Sky.

Photolemur’s Sky Enhancement solution allows any photographer to bring the vibrant skies they see into their photos. While bright skies are the first to fade thanks to overexposure or shadowed focal points, they don’t have to stay pale forever.

Photolemur boasts advanced technology that analyzes millions of pixels per second. This allows rapid results. The same process takes far longer with traditional photo editing software. With Photolemur, photographers can, for example, enhance night sky photos    with less work and less hassle.

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By enhancing the sky, photographers reveal their true vision. Bleached out skies turn blue. Regular images turn into art. Enhancing sky color is only part of Photolemur’s work, however. In order to create true sky photo enhancement, Photolemur sharpens clouds, birds, and even man-made objects such as planes or kites in the background. Photolemur does not trade a photographer’s clarity for color. It improves both by enhancing sky color through crisp images with clear definition.

The sky may be naturally beautiful, but its stunning colors may not appear in most photos. Any photographer knows that a good picture is easy to take, but a great picture takes serious editing. Sky photo enhancement isn’t necessarily a new idea. After all, many photographers work on sky enhancement in Photoshop. This process can take hours, though, and it’s tricky to enhance sky in a picture without compromising darker regions of the image.

Photolemur recognizes parts of a photo, including faces, foliage, and of course the sky. By mapping these elements, the tool can enhance the right colors in the right regions. This allows users to enhance sky in a picture without detracting from the foreground. Photos become more balanced and aesthetically pleasing, delivering the true image the photographer meant to capture, regardless of their camera’s limits. The same solution that restores color and definition to your sky can also deepen lost colors in the foreground. The final image is an exquisite, well-balanced photo that transports viewers to the captured scene.

To ensure quality, Photolemur uses a self-evolving brain that bases future corrections on user preferences. Every image edited in Photolemur may be shared or saved. Abandoned photos go on the “blacklist.” Photolemur remembers such images to improve future performance and correct mistakes. At the same time, the photos editors choose to keep go into a “success” database. Photolemur’s brain uses these examples as a blueprint to continue improving.

Photolemur is highly accessible and user-friendly. It doesn’t require special courses to master. All users need to know is that they want to enhance the sky in a picture. Sky enhancement in Photoshop requires time and training to perfect. Although users may develop presets in some traditional photo editors, they begin from scratch with basic tools. In a traditional photo editor for windows or mac, the results depend as much on the editor’s skill as the software itself. Photolemur’s Sky Enhancement allows any photographer to perfect their photos, no classes required.

Enhancing sky color and definition turns regular photos into eye-catching masterpieces. Casual photographers looking to improve vacation images to preserve their memories can enjoy Photolemur just as much as any professional. Photolemur’s Sky Enhancement is for all photographers, and it’s designed for ease of use. It literally does the work for you.

The technology behind Photolemur’s magical transformations identifies faces, trees, and millions of individual pixels as it seeks out veiled colors and detail. Users can relax as the Photolemur solution does the majority of their work for them, restoring the bold hues and sharp definition they originally captured.

Getting the perfect shot is hard, but bringing out its full potential in editing doesn’t have to be. With Photolemur, photographers get superior results in a fraction of the time through detailed sky enhancement. Any user can easily restore vibrant blue skies and crisp white clouds to images and improve composition through color balance.

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