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Unfortunately you don’t always have the luxury to wait for the conditions to be perfect. It might be that you’re only in town for a day? Or, perhaps you had to put in a lot of planning for the shoot and all the arrangements have been made weeks in advance to shoot on a particular day. In these situations, a sky replacement tool can be your saving grace. With Luminar’s wide range of tools, enhancing or simply replacing your entire sky takes only seconds.

Why use Luminar to fix these issues?

Leverages the power of AI

 Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool. What makes it so great is that it can analyze your photo automatically to identify where the sky starts and ends and then replaces it seamlessly. This is important for creating final results that are realistic. As a matter of fact, Luminar’s AI Sky Replacement tool takes it one step further. Instead of simply changing the sky, it relights your entire image so that the colors and lighting of the original photo match the colors and lighting of the sky.

Use your own sky photos

 While there are sample skies that you can use, Luminar also allows you to use your very own sky photos. Rest assured, if your own sky photos don’t meet the specific requirements of Luminar’s sky replacement technology, you can also preprocess your images so that they meet the requirements. The sky's the limit!

Works perfectly with tiny details

Luminar’s intelligent selection algorithms work flawlessly with tiny details like clouds, birds and even man-made objects like kites. Moreover, it lets you also fine-tune foreground brightness and contrast.

What tools does Luminar offer?

 Sky Selection

 Luminar boasts a library with a great selection of sample skies. If you’re still new to sky replacement, these samples will help you to become familiar with the tool quickly. Then, once you’re more comfortable, you can also upload your own custom skies to the library.

Atmospheric Haze and Temperature

 With the help of easy-to-use sliders, Luminar lets you make sure that your new sky not only matches the original sky, but also your needs. You can use the Sky Temperature to make the new sky’s texture warmer or cooler and also apply a subtle haze if the original sky had moisture or environmental pollutants.

Flip Sky

 If your image has shadows that you’re trying to match, Luminar lets you flip the new sky texture to change the direction of the image. It’s as easy as flipping a switch!

Sky Local

 With this advanced control, you even have control over how much of the original clouds you want to replace. It comes in very handy when you want your new sky to overlap with the original clouds. 

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