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Image Lighting Correction


Are you struggling to get the right tones for your photos? Even the pros struggle to get lighting correct! Make your photo too dark and your objects will simply blend into the background. Make your photo too light and it will look washed out. As light has such a significant effect on your photos, a feature that can help you with lighting correction is a must-have. 

How Luminar makes light work of light issues

Brings out the right tones with Natural Light Correction

 To best represent the time of day, you need to add just the appropriate amount of warm or cool tones to your images. Luminar actually takes into account the time of day and then adjusts the contrast, tone and exposure to accentuate the natural lighting.

Take photos anytime of the day

 Luminar has been created to take the guesswork out of creating flawless results. If you have missed that golden hour at sunrise or sunset, you can still create a memorable photo. This means that you can literally take photos morning, noon and night!

An array of tools at your fingertips

 It offers a huge selection of standard controls and advanced settings that include Shadows, Highlights, Smart Contrast, Temperature and White Balance. The easy-to-use sliders make adjusting the tone and color straightforward.

Photo Enhancement on Autopilot

What tools does Luminar offer?

 Temperature and Tint

You can choose to add more yellow or cyan to an image to make the photo cooler or warmer.  If you need to get rid of unwanted tints of a specific color, simply adjust how much magenta or green is added to a photo.


 Reduces or increases the exposure value to make a photo darker or brighter with the help of an easy-to-use slider.


 This is by far one of the most powerful tools for fine-tuning tones, adding contrast and shifting colors. While its interface is slightly more intricate, it offers a lot more options allowing you to exercise pinpoint control and achieve the best results manually. You can add as many as 10 control points.

Highlights and Shadows

 Use the slider to make adjustments to how bright the darkest areas of your photo are. By increasing the brightness, extra details will come to the fore. You can also choose to make the darkest areas of your image darker to increase the number of shadow areas. Alternatively, if you want to increase or decrease the brightness of the brightest areas of your photo, simply slide the Highlights slider either to the right or left respectively. 

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