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Photo Enhancement on Autopilot

Face Retouching Software

Photo Retouching

When it comes to capturing faces, no one has the perfect skin. That’s a reality we have to face and often need to work with when editing images. While retouching photos can be boring, it remains a crucial task to help your photos look their best. Luckily, with Luminar’s selection of easy-to-use tools, you can get the desired looks in a single click. 

Why rely on Luminar?

No steep learning curve

 When dealing with photo retouching, in particular face enhancements, most software solutions have a very steep learning curve. Ultimately, you want to ensure that the final results look natural and not airbrushed which is often easier said than done. Luminar offers a feature that automatically detects faces and then removes imperfections and blemishes to deliver natural-looking subjects. It does almost all the work for you and is much quicker than other traditional software solutions.

Ideal for group shots

 Luminar’s tools work equally well irrespective of how many people are in the image. Whether it’s a portrait, organized team photo or impromptu group shot, you can still use it to enhance your subjects.

Easily blend strokes

 With the help of Luminar’s feathered brushes, it’s much simpler to blend your strokes.

Enjoy precise control

 Luminar offers customizable brushes and a selective masking system to give you much better control.

Photo Enhancement on Autopilot

Which tools does it offer?

 The Clone & Stamp

 In short, you can use the Clone & Stamp tool to replace damaged pixels with better pixels selected by you. Use the Zoom buttons and Hand tool to explore the details of your image, set a sample point with good pixels and then simply paint them on to the areas with the damaged pixels to cover them up. You ideally want to sample from various different places in your image to fill your selected damaged area. For best results, try to build up your strokes by blending multiple strokes together and decrease the opacity of your brush.

Erase Tool

 While the Erase Tool also removes undesirable elements like the Clone & Stamp tool, it works slightly different. There is no need first to identify the source point for the pixels. Instead, you can simply click and paint over the area where the unwanted object or detail is located and Luminar will analyze the surrounding pixels to create a new texture. Moreover, it will match the texture and shading of the original pixels.

 AI Skin Enhancer

 If you’re working with portraits specifically, be sure to use the AI Skin Enhancer feature to remove unsightly blemishes.

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