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Exposure Photo Fixer

Exposure Compensation

Exposure is critical! The challenge is that the same scene often looks completely different depending on the type of camera that you’ve used. With the help of software, you can fix the exposure and add conformity to your images after you have taken photos in challenging settings with high contrast, low light or a backlit subject.

Why Luminar?

Uses robust smart technology

While your camera most likely has tools to take care of exposure compensation, it is difficult and requires a lot of testing and experimentation – something which we hardly ever have time for. Instead, Luminar has no steep learning curve. With the help of smart technology, it will analyze every image carefully – pixel by pixel – to make the required adjustments automatically. 

Get more realistic colors

With Luminar’s intuitive sliders, it’s easy to enhance your secondary colors without running the risk of them becoming too saturated.  

Photo Enhancement on Autopilot

What tools does Luminar have to offer?

 Lens and Geometry

 With the help of intuitive sliders, you can easily remove imperfections in your photo that resulted from improper camera or lens handling. Depending on whether you opt to work with RAW or standard file formats, you’ll be able to access a wide range of different controls.

Advanced Contrast Tool

 Luminar offers six distinct controls to help you get more detailed results. With a simple drag, Luminar’s intuitive sliders get the job done. Use the Balance sliders to define each zone’s midpoint and the Highlights, Midtones and Shadows sliders to fine-tune the contrast.

Adjustable Gradient

 With this tool, you can adjust the exposure, vibrance, contrast and warmth. What sets this tool apart is that the separate contrast controls enable you to fine-tune the contrast at the top and bottom of the photo. The on-screen controls are easy-to-use making it effortless to adjust the blending of the area at the top and bottom.

Dodge & Burn

 If you want to have more control over the amount of light in a specific area, you can use this tool to play around with darkening and lightening. Select the size of the brush and let your creativity and feeling guide you. Experiment to your heart’s content as you adjust the mask of the effect and its overall opacity and easily erase any accidental strokes.

Photo Filter

Thanks to this feature offered by Luminar, you can throw away those traditional color filters that you first had to attach to your lens before capturing your photos. The Photo Filter tool can help you to add warmth to your pictures as well as an array of other special effects.

Color Enhancer

If you want to enhance your color contrast and vibrancy, use Luminar’s Color Enhancer to edit an image’s cool and warm colors separately for much better control. Brings any boring image to life in a single click!

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