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  • January 02, 2021
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Food Instagram

Food Instagram

Across the world, food bloggers love to show off their latest culinary creations and findings online. From mouth-watering brunch items to sugary desserts, these Instagram accounts are sure to please your palate, at least in your mind. Please enjoy the part one.

Instagram Brunch Club

The Instagram Brunch Club believes the best meal of the day doesn’t happen before the sun comes up, but sometime a little bit later. The account is also a sponsor of the #CookForSyria campaign, which has been raising money for Unicef’s Children of Syria Fund and also increasing awareness of the plight of children in the war-torn country. The images of food presented by the Instagram Brunch Club will definitely make you rethink your idea of breakfast, lunch, and everything in between.


This Instagram account is from one of the #CookForSyria co-founders or also writes for Suitcase Magazine. Here, you'll find a nice mix of foodie, travel, and lifestyle images. Occasional videos also make appearances.


Amelia Freer is a nutritional therapist and best-selling author of "Nourish & Glow-The 10 Day Plan.“ Explore her Instagram account to see her favorite meals and foods, with inspirational quotes from the book occasionally thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for healthy food ideas, this is the Instagram account for you.


As the name suggests, this Instagram account shows off culinary treats the author found out in the wild. Featuring tempting images of cheese toasties, beef briskets, French fries and the like, don’t expect to find healthy foods here. This Instagram account represents food porn to the extreme.


New York City is often the backdrop for this Instagram account which also focuses on that special meal that’s held between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Besides food images, the brunchboys account features original videos, plus travel and lifestyle content. Looking for even more? Be sure to visit the official website, which highlights the “head Brunch Boy” Jeremy Jacobowitz, who produces content for networks like Food Network, Cooking Channel, FYI, and more.

The Hungry Gentleman 

Talking about mouthwatering — don’t follow this guy if you’re going on a diet. Kevin Thai, the man behind this Instagram account, manages to find fast food, that blows your mind. His point-of-view style showcases delicious-looking culinary finds from the best angle and adds that extra “in the moment” feeling. For all the fashion lovers, every snap is accompanied by a gorgeous pair of shoes — another passion of thehungrygentleman. Kevin is from New York, but his love of food takes him all over the planet in pursuit of the perfect launch. He’s currently in New Zealand, so join the journey!


Tiffany Mitchell is a classic lifestyle blogger. She writes about her passions — styling in home, food and fashion, photography, illustration and DIY culture — in her blog Offbeat and Inspired. Tiffany lives in Nashville, but seems to always be on the move, so you will find a lot of beautiful places and spaces in her Instagram account. As for the food, she’s big on bakery and breakfasts, so  there goes your inspiration for a beautiful and tasty Sunday morning.

Food Stories

Laura and Nora are self-proclaimed foodies from Berlin who happen to be brilliant at documenting their gluten-free and vegetarian delights, mostly cakes. They’ve developed a signature visual style, that involves deliberate choice of colors and playing with light and shadow. Pure esthetic joy! You can also find recipes in their blog, Our Food Stories, a treasure for vegetarians with a sweet tooth.

Instagram-Food Bloggers


Ida Skivenes is originally from Norway, but currently lives in Berlin. She started an Instagram account in 2012 to share her healthy creative breakfasts. Now that this account has over 286,000 followers, Ida is on a leave from her job in statistics being a full-time food artist. This Instagram account is full of playful food plates and is a goldmine for parents of picky eaters.

Julie’s Kitchen

Although they live on different sides of the Atlantic, Julie Lee’s story is similar to Ida’s. She left her “job with numbers” behind to commit to her blog and Instagram account, that started when Julie created a showcase of seasonal food for her neighborhood's farmer’s market. From then on, she continued exploring the field of plant design and color theory. Her bright lively collages are full of colorful fruits, vegetables and herbs from neighbourhood markets and her own urban garden. You can also find some recipes at Julie’s Kitchen Blog.

Girl eat world

A showcase for Mel's Food & Travel blog, this Instagram account highlights local food delicacy from around the world. One day you might experience a photo of the candied fruit snack Bing tang hu lu against a beautiful backdrop of Shanghai, on another, it’s Portuguese egg tarts in Macau. There’s no telling where girleatworld will turn up next.

Sprouted kitchen

Healthy living is the focus of this Instagram account, which is an offshoot of the   Sprouted Kitchen website  and series of cooking books. At sproutedkitchen you’ll find everything from appetizers to pantry stables to gluten-free masterpieces. When you’re looking for something special to serve no matter the season, this is the place to go.

My new roots

Those looking to live a healthier lifestyle will enjoy Sarah Brittan’s Instagram account, which focuses on vegetarian recipes and inspiration. Brittan, who hosts the My New Roots blog, writes articles on healthy cooking and hosts cooking workshops all over the world. On Instagram, you’ll find fantastic images showing off recipes like Sprouted Chickpea Hummus, sourdough rye toast with vegan mozzarella, and Chocolate Chunk Nut Butter Blondies.

The whole food diary

Created by the husband and wife team of Jared and Kezia Neusch, The Whole Food Diary focuses on “real food for real life.” In this Instagram account, you’ll experience images of scrumptious meals that are healthy. Among our favorites are the sweet potato fries with garlic aioli and spiced apple and the spiced carrot cake paleo ice cream. Yummy!


George Eats follows the adventures of 23-year-old Georgia McDermott as she makes her way around Melbourne, Australia. Her Instagram account features lots of images of good food as she chronicles a life often filled with digestive issues. She dreams of a day when she can travel and eat and be paid to do so.

Hope you've enjoyed the list. We will keep on looking for  talented people and their beautiful creations. So join to regularly get your dose of inspiration! 

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