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Photolemur 2.2 Spectre
Photo Enhancement on Autopilot Photo Enhancement on Autopilot Photo Enhancement on Autopilot Photo Enhancement on Autopilot Photo Enhancement on Autopilot
After a successful launch of Photolemur 2.0, we received feedback from many of our users, telling us that they wanted to have at least some control over the end result of the edit. That’s why with 2.2, you'll have full control over the image processing technology. In this new version of the app, we’re presenting a new slider that will allow you to determine that beautiful end result. With this new feature, you and only you define the final look and enhancement of your photos.
Photolemur houses innovative algorithms that work to thoroughly analyze your images (taking into account their every pixel). Enjoy new sky enhancement, noise reduction and more than 10 other incredible improvements. We’ve analyzed over 1,000,000 images to improve these algorithms and give you that amazing end result you’re looking for.
The technology behind the new Photolemur app was rebuilt from the ground up. The development team optimized the algorithms making Photolemur at least twice as fast than its previous version.
Beautiful skies are an essential ingredient of landscape shots. However, depending on the density of clouds, sometimes getting the correct exposure can be tricky. If you expose for the clouds to retain all the white details, your foreground may fall too far into the shadows. Expose for the landscape, and your clouds may instantly blow out. Luckily, we’ve created a revolutionary tech to fix the sky in both cases. So, you can rest assured that your landscape shots will have never looked as beautiful as they do with Photolemur.

Photo enhancer

Lack of light and high ISO make photos look grainy no matter how great your camera may be. With Photolemur, you don’t have to fear taking photos in certain less-than-desireable lighting conditions. Snap away! And when you’re finished, come back to your computer and use Photolemur to instantly get rid of that digital noise and grain. OUr new noise reduction tech works three times better than it’s previous version - giving you photos that are three times cleaner and more beautiful.

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Available on macOS from v.10.11 and Windows 7, 8, 10. The free version of the app provides the full Photolemur experience with limitations listed below.

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