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  • January 02, 2020
  • 54 min to read

55 Good Valentine's Day Gifts for Him 2020

55 Good Valentine's Day Gifts for Him 2020

Valentine’s Day is an ideal cause to gladden your beloved. Do you imagine a suitable gift for him? Anyway, you are free from worries as we kindly made a fascinating collection of versatile presents matching to the most romantic occasion ever.

1. Citizen men's chronograph watch

Masculine option for your darling might be watches designed by Citizen. It is a sturdy and durable item thanks to titanium material. Such advantages as perpetual calendar, eco power system converting artificial and natural light into required energy are for your disposal.

2. Fortune cookies

Romantic Valentine Fortune Cookies.jpg

Give him a little magic on the most romantic day ever. One of the ways to do it is to cook delicious cookies with own fortunes. You can seal and close the back up as you wish. Both of you have an opportunity to have cheerful time while you are unwrapping cookies.

3. Pop up photo case (Handmade)


An excellent way to remember a special occasion is to present magic case where are pop-up photos hidden. Pint-size and sweet gift with a deep meaning is intended to your darling.

4. Love you like in Scrabble


Scrabble is the worldwide favorite game, which can be a fascinating option to utter your precious feelings to him. Show the most crucial words in a fancy way. He should appreciate your approach to making presents.

5. Travel Diary

It is time to keep all your treasure safely from travels like maps, ticket or snapshots in one place which always should be with you. Please look carefully at a diary capable of following your travel footprints wherever you have been.

6. Hygiene Kit for goal-seeking man


Modern men can't imagine their life without proper hygiene. Your hard-working lover deserves to possess a natural handmade set of essential items for washing designed in New Hampshire.

7. Briefcase for BBQ


Stainless steel grill box with handles resistant to the heat is an overwhelming portable companion in your outdoor activities. It doesn't matter what you are going to cook; please allow your sweetheart feel like a Master-Chief.

8. Razor Pit Sharpener


Sharpener for the razor is intended mainly for a man who wishes to be perfectly soft. It is possible only thanks to stable material (TPE) which is similar to rubber and silicone. Give him that feeling without doubts.

9. Hand Warmer from Zippo


Does your lover adore outdoor activities? Then the hand warmer designed by Zippo can be an ideal assistant at fishing, hiking or camping when his hands are frozen. Thanks to pint-size, it is able to dispose of in the pocket.

10. Personalized glass like in a pub


Give your boyfriend a dream to own a pub with a personalized glass. There he can write on it the imaginative name of his future pub and enjoy his favorite drink along with you.

11. O'Keeffe's feet cream


Relief and repair of the extremely dry feet skin can be guaranteed to your beloved thanks to high glycerin level contained in O’Keeffe’s cream. Allantoin penetrates easily even into rough hand surface.

12. Hamilton Beach sandwich maker


Homemade hot sandwich with cheese and eggs gives joy to any man. Why don’t you test sandwich maker created by Hamilton beach together? Book of recipes makes the process more imaginative.

13. Whiskey Stones Gift Set


Pure and properly cooled whiskey is possible to achieve due to the set of stones manufactured by Sipping stones. Non-porous surface without any odor does not waste favorite drink of your beloved man.

14. What I love about you


Men adore inspiring words addressed to them. Why don't you present to your lover book prompts which are ready to fill them in the most crucial words ever. Gamesome and intimate attitude can be voiced with this book designed by Kate and David Marshall.

15. Pixel heart mug


Does your significant other prefer to drink tea or coffee? In both cases, why don’t you create drinking process not only practical but in an amusing way with porcelain thermal mug manufactured by Kikkerland? Just observe how your heart is filling up with the energy thanks to the reaction of the mug to the heat.

16. “I love you” on the bean


You would prefer to engrave the words "I love you" on your heart and give it to your partner, wouldn’t you? There is one safe and peculiar way to express your feelings. You are free to select plant which grows to the shape of the bean with the vital words there.

17. Kisses giant candy by Hershey’s


Is your sweet half a devoted chocolate lover and takes care of health at the same time? I have fantastic news for you. There are one white cream candies wrapped with foil free of gluten. It is suitable even for kosher meal lovers.

18. Van Der Hagen shave set


If you consider that shave set is boring present, it means that you never buy luxury shaving equipment with the stylish design from Van Der Hagen. It is able to suggest you unique apothecary mug in black color reminding about brutal nature of your lover. The mug is a beautiful assistant in the quick process of foams creating.

19. Moleskine notebook


Your partner can not imagine his life without plan or schedule, can't? In this case, a notebook with pages from an ivory paper in soft or hardcover is a fascinating option for your man's gift. Just select a proper color and make his day.

20. Victorinox eau de toilette


Woody and fresh aroma from Victorinox can become faithful accompaniment for your beloved in day-time wherever he is. Classic scent intended to the real man, so why don't you make him delighted?

21. GIANT microbes plush


Your heart is the most valuable gift for beloved on Valentine’s Day. You always have a chance to flesh out it with a soft and plush heart looking like in medicine books. It always reminds him of your genuine and passionate feelings.

22. Salt and Pepper Shakers by Jordan Castro


The USA based handmade gift is an overwhelming option for every occasion. Salt and pepper shakers with minimal design are made of an advanced combination of marble dust with recycled granite. You are free to control the volume of the salt or pepper thanks to special signs "plus" and "minus."

23. Ticket Stub Organizer by Peter Pauper Press 


If your partner is a fan of the ticket's collection from his memorable events, you will have a chance to give him an organizer which is able to retain them properly in the binder album. Twenty pages with double sides are ready to keep tickets safe.

24. Truth or Dare by Lynne Stanton


Please append some frolicsome behavior to your night together on the most romantic day. Both of you are free to pull at a stick one by one to select either Truth or Dare. Other couples who purchased this set are delighted to the opportunity to spend fun time with your significant other.

25. Sweethearts collage frame


Please do not hesitate to frame your unforgettable memories on one board of white color with photos where both of you are. You will be thankful for such opportunity of uttering feelings to your beloved.

26. One hundred creative ways to spend time together

DanielleHunter Try Something New.JPG

Would you add a little bit adventure to the direction of your living together? Lovebook knows one hundred (!) ways how to give a little shake to daily routine in love relationship. Couples satisfied with the purchase of the book can confirm that most of the ideas don't cost a fortune.

27. Hugs & Kisses personalized frame


Photo frame for loving couple kissing or hugging on the photo will warm in cold winter nights. Names of both of you are handwritten on the frame. The mentioned year is an excellent reminder of how long you love each other.

28. Bottle  of semi-sweet champagne


Do you like a fun celebration and don't mind about alcohol? A glass of semi-sweet champagne with individual message particularly engraved on the bottle makes your Valentine day hilarious and spoony. Gitchy and classic drink will add a charm to your meal.

29. Sprout quartz watches

Push your boundaries with biodegradable fashionable watches created by Sprout. Sturdy and durable watches are made of fascinating materials like black corn resin, bamboo, and organic cotton. One more benefit is the absence of the mercury inside which is toxic despite its quantity.

30. Coupons from the heart by Sherry Barnett


An overwhelming gift is for those couples who have a great sense of humor and are not afraid to show their feelings. The set of coupons are suitable for all ages. Why don't you get to know each other closer? The exciting option is not to be kinky at dates.

31. Classic hoodie by Nike


If you look after comfort for your beloved partner, please consider about warm-up hoodie designed by Nike. This company knows its stuff ideally; your BF will appreciate such “hugs” present with drawstrings from you.

32. GIANT MICROBES heartworm plush


A fascinating variant is for your lover who loves fun and prefers educational toy for the medical experiments in his life. The plush represents real microbe with length from 5 till 7 inches. Don’t be so serious, particularly on a romantic occasion.

33. Be... an inspirational paperweight


It might be an inspirational gift for the guy, who is a goal-seeking or loves to explore himself and to get a challenge. Why don't you add a bit optimism to that features which are desirable for every man?

34. I Love You: the activity book


It doesn't matter how long you are together, the publication of funny activities is a fantastic opportunity to get each other's measure. Exploring both of you and sharing of inmost is the most crucial moments in the life of every couple.

35. Unusual stump ring


You have an opportunity to exceed the scope of daily routine with a personalized silver ring. It has tree carves on the top and initials of your lover and you in the front. Give the pleasant moments to your darling who should appreciate your sincere efforts.

36. Boxers with own signature


Please add a bit fun to your sweet lovesick? Your name with a kiss next to the words Was here, or Property of on the soft boxers will have a frisky look. Your dear should enjoy such playful games with you.

37. Survival guide for the long-distance relationship


The practical tutorial from the real couple who has already crossed the river of connection on the long distance may be your true salvation. Do not hesitate to follow eight essential skills which promote to build healthy relations full of love and dedication.

38. A map which is always with you


Can't you imagine life without travels around the world? The map which is able to track your directions would be a fascinating "replacement" of you for your beloved. It is an excellent visual gift which allows thinking of each other while you are out of a home.

39. Matching coffee mug set


A special occasion is a wonderful reason to make such a warm gift as a set of sweet coffee mugs with a route map on them. A kind and loving reminder "hug” both of you at long nights while you are far from each other.

40. GPS latitude-longitude Bracelet


Mystic Soul Jewelry has created an ideal item for your man’s present. They are able to implement any bold ideas into a beautiful piece of jewelry in a very timely manner. Just inform the company about GPS coordinates significant to both of you place for long-time memories.

41. State to state pillow


Do you live in the opposed states, East and West Sides, but your hearts are beating together? Natural jute fabric of cute handmade pillow will “hug” him at long nights and warm with mutual flashbacks.

42. Puzzle necklace


Your soul mate deserves the precious gift from you. Please give him a Californian handmade set of two sterling silver pendants made by artist Kathy Bransfield. It alludes that he is a missing piece to your puzzle; that it is better to be linked than separate.

43. Letter book for couples


Set of forty cards with envelopes are mainly intended to give a boost to your love connection with significant other. You have an excellent opportunity to keep warm memories for both of you and children with grandchildren thanks to prompts included to the set designed by Whitney Biggs.

44. Bestselling book - Me Without You


A unique book with illustrations from Ralph Lazar and Liza Swerling might be a cloak-and-sword gift to your darling. It is an elegant variant to utter genuine feelings with sweet, attractive scripts of your behavior without your beloved.

45. Cuff bracelets with chain reminding bike


Chain cuff bracelets are designed for lovers of the active sport who don't desire to separate with the object of their passion. Due to powder-coated finish, the bracelet is durable and able to enjoy your adventurous partner at the time of his activities.

46. Lucky brand cologne spray


Citrus perfume has the ability to fresh-up the day for your lover. Flower light aroma is intended for daily utilization, so both of you are able to enjoy the atmosphere around you. Don't be shy to say how you love him with cologne designed by Liz Claiborne.

47. Love is an art kit


Are you looking for an expressive way to show your feeling to your true love? Is he keen on the art of drawing? Please look carefully at kit containing black paint with non-toxic effect, white canvas and plastic sheet. It is a peculiar way to capture the moment with a mutual masterpiece.  

48. ReHistoric Era tape USB flash 


If your lover is from the 80s, then this USB drive with cassette appearance will lead him to nostalgic thoughts about good old days. The great news is that it is much more potent than just a tape – it has eight GB drive, which allows delighting of photos and favorite songs.

49. KindNotes glass jar of romantic messages


Full of colorful envelopes jar is able to delight your beloved with intimate and positive messages directed to him. They can gladden both of you all thirty days in a month, especially if you have long-distance love relations.

50. We Go Together Like… Mugs


Do you consider that you are a couple of the year, ideal match? So why don't you to give your sweet half two mugs with an epistle like the following "We go together like coffee and muffin" or "like wine and cheese," etc.?

51. Tommy Hilfiger leather wallet 


Fashionable and stylish wallet made of genuine leather by Tommy Hilfiger is worthy of your precious attention. Give the pleasure to your significant other with touch to the natural fabric. At the same time, it is a thoroughly practical gift which can win a man's heart.

52. BURBERRY Brite eau de toilette


Elegance without any effort will be peculiar to your man if you give him fragrance from the famous British brand. Top notes are ginger and cardamom with bergamot. He will feel cedar wood with wild rose as heart notes.

53. Letter for him – Open when


Notes with love words can be a beautiful reminder of how lucky you are that meet each other. Don't be mean to your beloved; tell him about your sincere feelings without any doubts. He deserves to hear it every single day.

54. Prescription for love candies


Why don’t you play role games with your partner? Prescribe him love pill from Cupid’s Pharmacy if he is mad about you. Two boxers look like real and able to be a great assistance in his recovery.

55. Subscription to the magazine


Make your lover delighted with a magazine subscription, mainly if he is reading lover and desires to be in the swim. Select his favorite category to give him proper information about exiting topics.  

We have collected the most exceptional and gitchy gifts for him in this article. Now you possess all essential information in order to make the right call.

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