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  • March 10, 2017
  • 7 min to read

Exploring the World Through Instagram Accounts of Rad Skaters

Exploring the World Through Instagram Accounts of Rad Skaters

This edition of best Instagram accounts features heroes from especially diverse number of destinations. New York, Istanbul, Seoul, Madrid, Los Angeles all have skaters of their own to be proud of. If a thought of looking at your city from a skater’s angle ever crossed your mind, follow these accounts to help your intentions build up and lead you to the streets. Some cuts and bruises is the worst that can happen, but the feeling of that wind in your hair is so worth it.

The Skate Kitchen

The Skate Kitchen is a group of female skaters from New York City. Their instagram is your daily fixture of effortlessly cool, carefree life in the Big Apple. Jules Lorenzo, Ajani Russell, Kabrina Adams, Ardelia Lovelace, Nina Moran and Rachelle Vinberg are all individuals and the world through their eyes denies established standard for the beautiful or the girly. What a world to leave in, at least for the time you’re scrolling through their Instagram account.

Adem Ustaoglu

Adem Ustaoglu skates in Istanbul. His instagram account features all you expect from a skater — stunts, all types of skates and fellow skateboarders. Occasionally this all happens against the background of a stunning mosque. Also a nice and highly recommended alternative angle to see more of Turkey’s biggest city.

Hyo Joo

Ko Hyjoo is the ultimate cute skateboard girl. What’s better she’s one hell of a skateboarder. Her dances on the longboard have brought this South Korean native fame and 354k followers on Instagram. She’s your daily dose of inspiration to master that longboard and dance on it like nobody’s watching.


All that we know about Hadly Ardila is that he’s from Madrid, does all kinds of sports and has an awesome Instagram account. We probably made a poor research on him, but that information seems enough for the moment. Follow him to see a lot of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing, that means a lot of roads, mountains and ocean.

Sierra Prescott

Sierra Prescott is a photographer and a skateboarder, that’s a bingo combination for a skater Instagram account. This Los Angeles’ native has style and it’s all over — in her high jumps, high socks and bright snaps. Her each Instagram post screams “life is awesome” and all that is left is to believe her and enjoy the ride.

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