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  • October 19, 2016
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This day has finally come!

This day has finally come!
This day has finally come!

We are thrilled to announce the first public beta of Photolemur.

We have opened the public beta testing of Photolemur because we believe that community support is vitally important for any product. We know you’re busy, and we appreciate the time you’ll spend with our new creation.

Photolemur will help you:

  • Automatically enhance your photos without complicated manual edits
  • Save lots of time thanks for powerful batch processing
  • Make your photos looks realistic and beautiful even if you’re not a photo pro

To get your copy of Photolemur beta, please signup first and download it in your profile.

Photolemur is not perfect yet, but it will become better based on your feedback. We are already working on the next version, so wanted to make sure you’re aware of these points:

  • Photolemur is currently available for Mac only. But we have a PC, Web and Mobile versions in development.
  • The next version of Photolemur will bring improved face retouching and face recognition. At this moment we recommend you try Photolemur on your travel, outdoor, street, architecture or all other photos, but not portraits or selfies.
  • The batch processing is limited to 20 photos at this time. We will change this in the future versions.
  • Current Beta works better with RAW files than it does with JPGs, especially with JPGs of a very low quality and resolution.Please keep this in mind.
  • Photolemur is powered by a variety of different technologies (click here to learn more). We suggest you test these technologies on your photos as well.

We’ve created Photolemur to give you the ultimate tool that automatically enhances your photos, saves your time and makes your life easier. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Check out these "FAQ" and the “How it works” page or ask us on Twitter, if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for helping us make Photolemur awesome!

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