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  • March 01, 2017
  • 4 min to read

New Photolemur Explained

New Photolemur Explained

You may already know that Photolemur 2.0 is coming in April, but you may not know that while it’s the same Photolemur you already love, it’s also very different. If that sounds like a paradox, read on and we’ll explain.

We spent a lot of time doing deep analysis into the ways our users actually use Photolemur. While our software solves an important problem by making sure your photos look clear and true to life, we discovered ways to make it even better.

So, we tore Photolemur apart and then rebuilt it from the ground up. We streamlined the user interface and supercharged the code to produce a software product that looks and feels so futuristic, you won’t believe it was created in 2017.

At the heart of Photolemur 2.0 is an amazing new engine we call Stellar TM. Think of it as a powerful supercomputer that can analyze hundreds of thousands of photos, find patterns, and then create its own algorithms to provide results that improve with each new photo. Computer scientists call this machine learning, but we call it unbelievable. Whatever you choose to call it, it means one thing: you’ll be able to share more of your photos instead of leaving them to languish in some dark folder in the hidden recesses of your hard drive. Whether you shoot landscapes, photos of your friends, portraits, or anything else, Photolemur 2.0 will make your images beautiful instantly.

Photolemur levels the playing field between casual photographers and professionals who have years of experience editing photos with expensive tools like Lightroom. Now, even beginners can achieve results like the pros, and professionals can speed their workflow by automating tasks that would otherwise take many hours to complete. Best of all, Photolemur is easy to use, fast and affordable.

You’re probably eager to see the new Photolemur 2.0, which will be available in both Mac OS and Windows versions. Subscribe to receive Photolemur news and you’ll be among the very first to experience the remarkable game-changing software that will redefine how photography should look. Plus, we have some surprises in store for early adopters. So, subscribe today — there’s no obligation!

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