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  • August 18, 2017
  • 3 min to read

Using Photolemur as a Lightroom Plugin

Using Photolemur as a Lightroom Plugin

At Photolemur we give all control of the photo editing process to Artificial Intelligence. Most of you love it  and we love that you do. However, we know there are some of you who need a bit more tools in your workflow (or those who don’t want to quit their old favorite photo editors, such as Adobe products).

If you can’t imagine your photo editing process without well-known Adobe Lightroom features, our plugin is just what you need. Whether you are a professional photographer with an hours-long workflow or a hobbyist who spends just couple of minutes on photo editing, you’ll probably find Photolemur Lightroom plugin quite useful.

The plugin for macOS was released long time ago, so our mac users have already had a chance to try it. And now with our latest update, we give you, our Windows users, the chance to include Photolemur in your photo editing workflow.

You’ll see that using the Photolemur plugin couldn’t be any easier. 3 easy steps and you’re on your way to the perfect image!

From all of us at Photolemur, wishing you amazing shots and perfect results!

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