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  • December 04, 2018
  • 6 min to read

Photolemur Reached 1M Downloads and Sets Its Sights on the Stars

Photolemur Reached 1M Downloads and Sets Its Sights on the Stars

New Klingon language version debuts

Photography has long been known as a medium that transcends time, race, cultures, and yes, even language. We snap photos and share them with our friends, family, and strangers. It makes us feel good and creates understanding and emotions that instantly impart meaning at a glance. The first day of school. Grandmother’s birthday party. Cuddling with a favorite pet. The struggle of war. Gorgeous mountain landscapes. A bee sitting on a flower. Waves crashing on a seashore. And billions more images each telling its own story. 

Isn’t this a language of its own? 'A picture is worth a thousand words' is an expression well known on Earth, but could it also be true beyond our own galaxy? 

Could photos hold the key to communication with other races?

Humans have sent spacecraft beyond our solar system, are preparing for space tourism, and are seeking to colonize other planets! As we venture into the universe, the Photolemur team wants to make sure that all galactic races we encounter can easily use the language of photography to help us understand them, and vice versa.

It’s in this exploratory spirit that we’ve now translated Photolemur into the Klingon language. 
Aided by linguistics expert André Müller of the Klingon Language Institute, we hope that by translating our photo software into Klingon, this mighty warrior race might also enjoy the simple pleasures of editing and sharing photos. 

 If you speak Klingon,  you can check it out for free. Please email us 'I don't want to pay for Photolemur' in Klingon at, and get a free copy of Photolemur 3.

One million downloads and counting

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, in November Photolemur passed one million Earth-based downloads. Now we’re looking to the stars. 

We’re the first photo editor on Earth translated into Klingon, yet our simple editing experience also makes Photolemur perfectly suitable as a universal translator among ALL races. 

Here’s our proposition:

Any intergalactic race who wishes to have Photolemur translated into YOUR language, please contact us by sending an email to Or tell us what language you suggest by leaving a comment below.


We’re having a ton of fun with Photolemur and would love to have you on the journey with us — no matter which galaxy you’re from! As a bonus, using our knowledge of AI, image processing, and face recognition, we’ve trained our Neural Network to imagine what YOU would look like as an extraterrestrial. 

Click this link to upload your own photo and see what you might look like as a member of an alien race! 

With love,
Team Photolemur

P.S. Be sure to share it with your friends! 

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