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  • August 01, 2016
  • 8 min to read

Photo Quality Improver

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Photographers are inspired by what they see. Other photographers’ work may inspire daring photo shoots, and experiences in grand, natural scenes demand photographic evidence to share with others. Everyone wants to take the perfect photo, but there is rarely time to fully prep before taking the shot.  Editing doesn’t guarantee satisfaction with the final product, either.

The perfect photo is elusive, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if your camera is working against you, and you just don’t have the time or training to deal with traditional photo editing software, you can still get your perfect photo. In the end, getting a better picture is easier than you think.

Dealing with Camera Settings

Most people take photographs for fun, as part of a project, or simply to retain vital memories. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to capture the perfect photo outside a professional studio setting. Even if you know everything about aperture and exposure settings, the world around you is constantly changing.

When you step outside, you’re at the mercy of the weather. If a cloud floats by the sun right as you take a shot, it won’t turn out the way you anticipated. If the wind picks up, you’re going to get blurred leaves, hair over subjects’ faces, and possibly even a shaky image. Picking the right settings for outdoor shoots is extremely difficult, and they’re bound to change throughout your shoot.

The inside world isn’t a stable shooting environment, either. Moving into a different room, or even trying to get a photo from a different angle, often leaves photos too dark. Conversely, overexposure leaves your images looking pale and washed out. Finding the right balance while simultaneously considering the coloring effect of indoor lighting often makes shooting inside more difficult than taking shots in the great outdoors.

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All of these scenarios imply you have a stationary subject for your photos, too. Many of the best photos are snapped in the heat of the moment, in brief pauses between actions. If you plan to photograph children, animals, or events, you will not have time to stop and adjust settings before taking the shot. Even if the weather freezes in time, you plan to photograph a literal statue, and you’re a master of settings, your camera can still betray you.

Dealing with Photo improving software

Almost all the problems listed above can be fixed in editing. Unfortunately, while taking the shot is fun, editing is a time-consuming chore. Professional photographers take entire classes focused on this art, and it’s unrealistic to expect the same results from untrained users. Even the best, most user-friendly editing software available is a challenge. Sometimes the simplest editing programs make things even more difficult. Although slider bars are supposed to make editing easier for users, they make it easy to overcompensate, and fixing a single element won’t restore the colors, skies, and clarity you meant to capture.

Camera manufacturers often give advice for editing images, but it’s rarely helpful. Instructions are confusing, and the process takes far longer than you spent taking your photos. It’s a frustrating experience for most users, and many turn to editing software for help. Then they get caught up in the slippery world of sliding value scales and imperfect color correction charts. Sometimes, photos come out looking worse than they did going in.

Simplifying the Process with our Photo improver (app)

Photolemur is not an editing tool. It is fully automatic photo quality enhancer. There are no sliders, no value scales, and no imprecise color wheels. Instead, there is a highly advanced AI program designed by masters of photographic science. Our’s developers have spent years analyzing photos and determining the best edits for color, clarity, and detail. The result of all that study is an effortless photo corrector.

Improving picture quality is no longer a matter of guessing how to work your photo editing software. All you need to do is enter your image files and send Photolemur to work. Photolemur’s user manual is ridiculously simple. Upload your images. Send Photolemur to work, and then keep the images you like. Chances are, you’ll like most of them.

The perfect photo rarely comes together the second the shutter clicks. It takes some picture editing, but there’s no reason to do that editing yourself. Rather than playing with the puzzling settings of traditional photo editing software, you can hand off the work to Photolemur. It’s the simplest way to get the perfect photo.

Photo Enhancement on Autopilot
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Photo Enhancement on Autopilot

Photolemur 3 - Great Photos Automatically

Photolemur is an automatic photo editor, which makes your photos awesome in one click.
Photo Enhancement on Autopilot
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Photo Enhancement on Autopilot

Photolemur 3 - fully automated photo editor

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