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  • April 07, 2017
  • 6 min to read

Announcing new Photolemur for Mac and Windows

Announcing new Photolemur for Mac and Windows

We’ve been busy tweaking our algorithms, and we’re happy to announce that the all-new Photolemur will launch on April 18th.

We’ve rebuilt the user interface from the ground up to deliver a seamless, one-button photo enhancement experience to Mac and Windows users. The new Photolemur app is NOT an update of the first version of Photolemur. It’s a totally new utility (which still has the same name, but works differently). We decided to completely redesign the app to focus on one main function of Photolemur — Fully Automated Picture Enhancement.

It took four months of design, development, and testing. We started from scratch and got rid of all the features which are commonly found on regular photo editors: sliders, settings, crops, etc. The new Photolemur has only one button and no settings at all. Believe it or not, but your only task is to drag & drop (or open) your photos in Photolemur. Drag-Export-Repeat. Everything else is done automatically.

Here are some key features of the new Photolemur app:

  • Automatic image processing
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Both Mac and Windows OS supported
  • Adobe Lightroom plug-in and Apple Photos extension for Mac version (plugins for Windows version in development)
  • Batch processing of unlimited photos
  • Export to social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr (Instagram in development).

The new Photolemur app is a subscription-based utility. Your subscription is available for all supported Platforms — Mac and Windows (plus web and iOS in the future). There is one subscription plan available with a simple pricing of $5.99/month (charged annually). A subscription pricing model lets us provide updates to the new Photolemur more often and continue making our smart algorithms even smarter.

Regarding the old version of the Photolemur app, you can use it without any limitations. We will support and provide updates until the end of the year. The updates will include bug fixes and minor improvements, but there will be no additional plugins and settings development. After the end of 2017, we’ll no longer be updating the first version of Photolemur for Mac, but it will continue to work on all supported versions of Mac OS. Moreover, current users of the old Photolemur app will get 6-months free subscription to the new Photolemur, plus a 20% lifetime discount on further paid subscriptions.

What’s the difference between the old Photolemur and the new Photolemur?

  1. The new Photolemur app for Mac and Windows has no toolbars or and adjustment sliders.
  2. The new Photolemur app has only one function — automated photo editing. No crops or other photo manipulations.
  3. There is only one button in the new Photolemur — Import\Export.
  4. Batch processing in the new Photolemur has no limitations. You can edit as many photos as your system allows you.
  5. With your subscription to Photolemur, the app can be used on up to four devices (on both Mac and Windows)
  6. The new Photolemur doesn’t need any instructions or manuals to start up. Just launch the app on Mac or Windows.

Remember, any photo editing software can make photos look good. Only Photolemur does it automatically! Step into the future of photo editing, where manual editing doesn’t exist at all. You’ll get professional-quality photos in the blink of an eye. Still have questions regarding the new Photolemur? Contact our stellar support team at

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