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  • June 15, 2021
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15 Excellent Travel Photography Workshops and Classes

15 Excellent Travel Photography Workshops and Classes

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci 

Growing as a photographer means to develop both your artistic and your technical skills. And one of the most gratifying things about the world of photo-taking  - is that you are on a consistent quest to improve and to learn. 

A quick Google search will prove that there is an endless amount of photography classes out there. 

That’s why the Photolemur's image enhancer team has done the research for you and worked to put together an assorted list of 15 of the best travel photography classes we could find.

Read on!

1. Introduction to Photography and Related Media: Free     

With this semester-long undergraduate-level course provided by MIT, you’ll be able to dive deep into video lectures. It’s a great class for beginners and will cover the fundamentals of both analog and digital SLR as well as film exposure and development, darkroom techniques, digital imaging, and studio lighting.

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2. GD Photo Workshops with Gunther Deichmann

With a promise to discover the undiscovered, this is a series of photo classes for travel photographers conducted by Gunther Deichmann throughout India and Vietnam. His participants come from all over the globe and range in all skill levels. 

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3. A Complete Introduction to Photography - Reddit Photoclass: Free

If you’re into reading as opposed to video watching — this is the class for you. It’s a 30-part class taught by Alexandre Buisse to 7,000 Reddit readers a few years back. Learn about everything from white balance to filters to gear.

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4. Santa Fe Workshops

These well-known creative workshops offer instruction in New Mexico and around the world — from food photography to visions of Mexico and beyond. As they say on their website, a life can be changed in a workshop, and with their supportive communities in Santa Fe, San Miguel de Allende, Cuba, or Asia, you’ll immerse yourself in your photography and build lasting friendships.

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5. New York Institute of Photography Travel Photography Class 

This online travel photography course is for anyone — and will help you to see the world like a photographer. It will introduce you to the many types of travel photography, from landscapes and nature to portraits and documentary. 

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6. Fancy Girl Street Boy Productions Workshops 

Liza Politi and Ari Espay of Fancy Girl Street Boy Productions have been working for almost a decade with some of the world’s leading photographers to produce photography workshops and expeditions. In store for 2017 and 2018 are the magical land of Morocco, the landscapes of Tuscany and the incredible beauty of Barcelona.

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7. Momenta Workshops

The desire of Momenta workshops is to create a global dialogue for a better world — using photography as a means to do so. They offer adventure and personalized experience with every workshop and are ready to cater to your own individual needs as a growing photographer.

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8. Jeff Curto Italy Workshop

Jeff Curto has been known for the last 5 years as the instructor who takes photographers on tours to spectacular locations in Italy. His workshops are said to immersive, inspirational and authentic — and will send you home with new ways of seeing, incredible images and unforgettable memories.

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9. Lectures on Digital Photography from Stanford University: Free

Former Stanford professor and current Google engineer Marc Levoy has uploaded the course materials he used 5 times at Stanford University (and once at Google) for an 11-week digital photography class. It’s perfect for the beginner, as it’s an introduction to the scientific, artistic, and computing aspects of digital photography

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10. LightChase Photography Workshop

LightChase Photography offers various workshops and seminars, focusing on capturing "Magical Natural Light" throughout North American National Parks and other scenic locations. It provides an intimate experience, as workshops and tours sizes vary from 2 to 8 photographers only.

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11. Kristin Davidson Photo Workshops 

Kristin Davidson is all about telling your story visually. Stories in all formats, she says, are powerful — and many of the most influential stories of our time have been told in a visual format. With her travel workshops, venture to places like New Orleans and the wetlands to fine tune your skills and tell your own story.

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12. National Geographic Photography Trips and Workshops

These National Geographic expeditions are designed for amateur photographers of all levels interested in improving their skills. In the workshops, you’ll learn tips and techniques while exploring scenic places with a National Geographic photographer — who is ready to take you on a travel journey and help you snap that perfect shot. 

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13. Expeditions with Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe’s photography career has spanned five decades —  an advocate for the environment and indigenous culture who has worked on every continent. His photography workshops bring his lucky attendees to places like Northeast Greenland, the Teton Range and Romania. 

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14. Summit Workshops 

Summit Workshops started over 30 years ago and bring together team of expert photographers and creatives in beautiful locations. They offer on-location classes including sport, nature, and adventure photography. 

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15. Within the Frame Photographic Adventures

This company was founded by and for photographers and focuses on small-group sessions to improve both technical photo editing skills and creative skills. You’ll find a mix of fine-art photographers and journalist photographers as they lead you to places like Ethiopia, Bhutan, Mongolia and more.

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From all of us at Photolemur, we wish you endless growth and fun times ahead as your learning journey unfolds. 

We know that you’ll find the perfect class or workshop to enhance your skill set — or maybe, that class or workshop will find you.

Enjoy the ride! (Just make sure to take lots of photos along the way.)

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