• November 12, 2018
  • 14 min to read
10 Most Famous Canyons around the World

The United States isn’t the only nation in the world with beautiful canyons. These widely photographed geological structures made when a river cuts through resistant rocks are both awe-inspiring and unique, depending on their location. Read more

  • November 02, 2018
  • 9 min to read
Traveling with a Camera

As a traveling wedding photographer and founder of photography website Shotkit, I’m constantly reviewing, writing about, or using new camera gear. I take a lot of photos while traveling, and it’s been my mission to find the ultimate travel camera to make documenting my trips more enjoyable and efficient. Read more

  • November 02, 2018
  • 10 min to read
5 Tips for Modern Vintage Photography

Even with all the advances in photography people still love a vintage looking picture. There’s something about a photo that looks like it was taken 30 or 40 years ago that gives it a little extra flair. So, just how do you go about creating vintage photography? Read more

  • October 29, 2018
  • 35 min to read
Top 50 Digital Photography Tips

Photography is both an art form and a skill. It’s an art form in that it’s a medium for self-expression and photographers can be as creative with their exposures as they need to, to get the images they want. Read more

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