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  • January 16, 2019
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Best Travel Blogs in 2019

Best Travel Blogs in 2019

Why do we travel? To observe. To discover. To grow. To learn.

Travel photographers have a vision — and a poignant story to tell. Whether they’re focusing on food, lodging, fashion, people, experiences, festivals — these image creators serve as our gateway into other worlds and cultures.

That’s why the Photolemur team has searched the web to find 100 of the best travel photography Instagram accounts we could find.

May their images inspire you to go out and capture your own unique story.

1. @funforlouis

Louis is famous for is daily travel vlogs — currently, he’s flying around the world on a 90-day adventure to make a documentary on global diversity.

Off on an adventure of a life time! Don't know when I'll see @rayawashere next. Miss you already! ❤️

A post shared by Louis Cole (@funforlouis) on

2. @ExpertVagabond

Matthew Karsten is a popular adventure travel blogger full of inspirational stories, photography, and tips from around the world.

3. @loki_the_wolfdog

Loki, who has been breakin’ hearts since 2012, inspires folks everywhere to get outside with their pups.

Wild thing, you make my heart sing. ~ Photo cred: a grubby little bear cub.

A post shared by Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) on

4. @alexstrohl

With almost 2 million followers on Instagram alone, Alex means business when he says, “I tell stories with photography and film.”

Spent the day laying in the sun at my favourite lounge spot in the park, Bowman Lake.. No place like home.

A post shared by Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) on

5. @everythingeverywhere

Gary is a three-time North American Travel Photographer of the Year who has traveled to over 120 countries and all 7 continents.

**CONTEST ALERT** Starting Monday, I will be teaming up with @AllianzTravelUS and we will be giving away a Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Camera w/16-50mm & 55-210mm Lenses &128 GB Memory Card Bundle, just like the one I use for my pictures! You DON'T want to miss this! The theme of our contest is "Follow Me to the Ends of the Earth." To enter: 1: Follow @everythingeverywhere and @AllianzTravelUS on Instagram 2. Tag both @everythingeverywhere and @AllianzTravelUS in your best travel pictures of the farthest from home you have traveled with the hashtag #EndsoftheEarthAllianz, and be sure to tell us about your experience! 3. Please limit to only 2 picture submissions per account. Contest ends Friday, September 1, 2017 and 2 winners will be chosen by Thursday, September 7, 2017.. **This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by or associated with Instagram. Submissions may be subjected to social/internal use. Submissions will not be subjected to commercial use**

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6. @journeywonders

Currently in Mexico, Raphael’s photos are filled with colors, animals, and portraits of people.

No, this isn't Switzerland or Kyrgyzstan, this is actually Mexico my friends. When it comes to unexpected natural landscapes, Mexico sure has a lot of them. This landscape is of the Nevado de Toluca volcano during Summer (hence the lack of snow). Would you like to hike here my wonder friends? I'm sure you'll love it!!!. . . . #beautifuldestinations #livetravelchannel #natgeotravelpic #traveldeeper #travelstoke #TLPicks #aroundtheworldpix #passionpassport #letsgoeverywhere #LiveTravelChannel #EarthVacations #LiveIntrepid #destination_wow #gadv #travelwithnikon #staycurious #amazingdestination #travelcolorfully #visitMexico #Mexicodesconocido #Mexico #Toluca #NevadodeToluca #Nevado #Colorsofmexico #VivaMexico #IgersMexico

A post shared by Raphael Alexander (@journeywonders) on

7. @fromwhereidrone

Looking for beautiful drone photographs? Look no further. This account features unbelievable aerial images.

Broome 🇦🇺 #fromwhereidrone ⌘ 📸 by: @yantastic & @from.miles.away

A post shared by From Where I Drone® (@fromwhereidrone) on

8. @jamesasquithtravel

James is the Guiness World Record Holder of youngest person to visit every country over the span on 5 years.

9. @mappingmegan

Megan is an award-winning adventure travel blogger who covers everything from food to landscapes to penguins!

10. @lepostcard

Le Postcard shares amazing snaps from travel photographers throughout the world.

Sunshine is sexy. 🌞🍒💋 #canaryislands #spain

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11. @budgettraveller

Kash travels on a budget (hence his name) and was named National Geographic Traveler blogger of the year.

12. @the_candourist

Currently in California, Juan is a pilot, photographer and filmmaker constantly chronicling his adventures.

Tranquility. #purenewzealand

A post shared by Juan-Peter Schulze (@the_candourist) on

13. @theworldorbust

Jeremy is a witty travel and motorcycle blogger who has traveled the world and is currently based in Mexico.

14. @captainandcharlie

Captain and Charlie follow the wind and sail the Mediterranean, sharing snapshots of life on their boat.

15. @stephbetravel

Stephanie’s posts are filled with a mix of activities, relaxation, and moments of blissful beauty.

16. @mrbenbrown

Ben is a world champion kayaker who is now an amazing filmmaker, photographer and YouTube guru.


A post shared by Ben Brown (@mrbenbrown) on

17. @landlopers

Matt is a travel blogger, writer & photographer who specializes in experiential luxury travel.

Hello from Bangkok! If you've been following along with my Instagram Stories, then you know I just arrived - today my first full day in one of my favorite cities. When it's time for me to take a vacation, I tend to mix destinations I love with new places, and the start of this trip is all about the familiar. I'm not sure exactly why I love Bangkok as much as I do, there's just something special about it and to be back here after a long 5 year hiatus is amazing. Bangkok also has some spectacular luxury hotels and resorts, including this one, the @137pillarsbangkok. Their Bangkok property may be new, but it's already been winning awards and rave reviews, which is one reason why I wanted to stay here. I wanted a great hotel but also a quiet place where I could relax in privacy, and I've found all of that and more at the 137. Today was mostly about recovering from the journey, with some exploration, and chilling out at the rooftop pool, soaking up the sun was the ideal start to my holiday.

A post shared by Matt Long (@landlopers) on

18. @drewnbinsky

Drew has visited 111 countries and is a golfer and Guinness World Record Holder.

19. @jaredchambers

Jared is a photographer based in LA whose aesthetics are unique, dreamlike and travel-fueled.

20. @adventurecatsorg

If felines are what you fancy — follow these cool cats around the world for a life (or nine lives) of adventure.

#AdventureCats find the most meowjestic views. 📷 @boltandkeel

A post shared by Adventure Cats (@adventurecatsorg) on

21. @laurenepbath

Lauren was deemed 'Australia's first professional instagrammer' by national media, and shares everything from parrots to sunsets to city lights.

I have huge news for all my tourism boards, travel brands, PR companies and clients ... The Modern Travel Media Summit is here!! You all know about the Bootcamp by now right? The Travel Bootcamp was started by Georgia, Liz and I to teach people how to work in the travel industry in writing, blogging and instagramming. The Summit is our brand new industry equivalent; teaching brands and clients how to work with influencers, how to run new media campaigns, how to kick ass at content marketing in general and basically everything the three of us have learned. We aim to address all the struggles and confusions we hear our clients complain about and to further push our agenda for industry wide standards. I'm excited to announce that our major sponsor is TravMedia and we will host the event in Sydney on the 22nd September. The microsite link is in my bio but please shoot me a DM with your email address if you want me to send our PDF deck and direct booking link. XXXX

A post shared by Lauren Bath | Australia (@laurenepbath) on

22. @wanderreds

Alvaro is on a mission to travel to every country — the catch? He still works a 9-5 job during the week.

23. @uncornered_market

David is a speaker and storyteller who has been abroad since 2001, and works to connect people to life-changing experiences.

24. @chelseakauai

Chelsea is an avid explorer, adventurer and water lover -- as well as a private tour based on Kauai, Hawaii.

I fell in love with this feeling. Caves. Light rays. The cinematic slowness and antigravity of it all. For the first 21 years of my life I couldn't clear my ears to equalize so I never dove. The pressure made it difficult for me to ever even reach the bottom of a pool and, for a long time, I had accepted that. It's remarkably easy to give up on something before it truly exists. We have no stake it in, no time invested. So it was easy to say ahhh not for me. But I underestimated how much I love the ocean. Through scuba I finally learned to clear my ears. Slowly at first then quickly, then without using my hands at all - a fact I later learned only a very small percentage of people can do. Ironic, these ears. Sometimes that thing you think is holding you back is just waiting for you let go. @paditv //photo by @jdbaluch #freedive #underwaterphotography #PADI

A post shared by Chelsea Yamase (@chelseakauai) on

25. @Kirstenalana

Kirsten is a New York City based multimedia creative who works to tell the stories of brands through her lens.

26. @chrisburkard

Chris is a photographer and artist, based in California, whose work focuses on the outdoors, surf, and travel.

27. @_itsbeautifulhere

Georgia shares tidbits of her travels had since quitting the corporate world — and even puts them together in beautifully curated travel guides.

28. @doyoutravel

Jack is living on the road (currently in Bali) and sharing pictures of teal waters followed by the occasional puppy.

Moments in the jungle 🐘🌴

A post shared by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on

29. @muradosmann

Murad is the cofounder of Follow Me To (in which he documents holding his wife’s hand at various incredible locations throughout the world).

30. @thebucketlistfamily

They call themselves a family of four travel journalists — and they’re adventuring from theme parks to Iceland and everywhere in between.

31. @beautifuldestinations

With almost 10 million followers, this account documents the celebration of people, places and activities around the world.

Summer road trips 👌🏻 (📷: @kylefinndempsey)

A post shared by BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS (@beautifuldestinations) on

32. @kellyalack

Kelly previously worked for Martha Stewart and posts incredible creative content filled with colors, textures and soul.

33. @finduslost

Serena and Jacob left LA to take on the world and cure their wanderlust — currently, they’re in Kauai.

• two weeks to go... ♥

A post shared by TRAVELERS • Selena + Jacob (@finduslost) on

34. @theprettycities

The Pretty Cities is full of cafes, cozy places to read books, charming homes, breakfast spreads and city streets.

A world of #windowboxes - yes please 💕✨ #lovefrance #loveparis 📸 @clangart

A post shared by Pretty Cities of Instagram (@theprettycities) on

35. @samhorine

A photographer from New York City, Sam shares pieces of the world around him — animals, people, streets, raindrops, buildings and more.

💎 lakes

A post shared by S A M H O R I N E (@samhorine) on

36. @prettylittlelondon

Life, travel, food and fashion — mean to inspire Londoners (and everyone else, too).

37. @gypsea_lust

If you want to daydream about visions of gypsy wanderlust, bikinis, cocktails and ice cream cones — Lauren has you covered.

Who agrees that we got the best seat for sunset?! ✮ twinning in new @gooseberryintimates #GooseberryXGypsealust

A post shared by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

38. @jetsetchristina

Christina was ranked by Travel + Leisure as Top 7 Instagrams — and her jet sets are filled with luxury and fun captions.

Saturday vibes 💦💦💦

A post shared by Christina Vidal (@jetsetchristina) on

39. @siddharthajoshi

Siddhartha is an accomplished traveler and photographer who has been featured on everything from Huffpost to CNN.

40. @kickthegrind

Matt is an adventure travel filmmaker (meets marine biologist) who choses experience over possessions.

A shot from last week. Our first day in Komodo National Park, pulling stunts off the front of the boat. @jackson.groves snapped this shot between his backflips and gainers of my swan dive. Thanks dude 🙌🏻🔥 We're travelling through Indonesia for 2 weeks on @indtravel's #tripofwonders. 10 of us are visiting the best dive sites in the country. 🐠 ======================================= Check out this rad crew I'm here with 🕺🏼@indtravel @truenomads @goatsontheroad @fathomlesslife @girlsthatscuba @g_hanafiah @jackson.groves @scubadiverlife @wettraveler @neyu_ma @pinneng @gypsysoulmemories @malaysiaasia ======================================= Who is scared of cliff jumping? 😵=======================================

A post shared by Mike Corey (@kickthegrind) on

41. @lostleblanc

Christian, as he says, escaped the 9-5 and now travels the world on a film and vlogging adventure.

Livin on the edge with @whatthechic 🤘🏼

A post shared by Christian LeBlanc (@lostleblanc) on

42. @tiffpenguin

Tiffany is a dentist and a travel photographer, whose images are filled with colors, composition, and breaths of fresh air.

43. @taramilktea

A traveler and creative, Tara shares everything from airplane views, to meals had, to lavender fields.

This moment of bliss 😌 @cavotagoomykonos

A post shared by Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea) on

44. @parisinfourmonths

Carin moved from Sweden to Paris to pursue her dream — she wanders the streets, sips rosé, and relishes in the romance of the city.

Hello there my lovah (aka Rome), I'm back 💛

A post shared by Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths) on

45. @mylifesatravelmovie

Alyssa travels full-time by herself around the world, and is always swimming, wandering and adventuring.

46. @natalyosmann

Nataly is the cofounder of Follow Me To — who shares visions of her flights of fancy around the world.

I always say that the most difficult thing in our travels is trying to fully express the beauty of nature and landmarks we're visiting. When you see the scenery in Little Tibet, it's as if your heart skips a beat before you are overflown with emotion and you start tearing up. I have been interested in photography since I was little and it's these emotions that I constantly try to communicate with the viewer! @leica_camera Не устаю повторять: самое сложное в наших путешествиях - это постараться передать всю красоту природы и мест, где мы бываем. Когда видишь такие пейзажи, как в малом Тибете, сердце на мгновение перестает биться, а через секунду тебя охватывает восторг и трепет одновременно, и слезы наворачиваются на глаза от счастья. Я с детства увлекаюсь фотографией и в своих снимках всегда стараюсь передать именно эти эмоции!

A post shared by Nataly Osmann (@natalyosmann) on

47. @lavicvic

Vicky is an architect, content creator and digital nomad — posting beautiful buildings, lines and moments.

48. @sassychris1

Christina is a nomad (a sassy, luxe nomad as she calls herself( who captures drone shots of her fantastic travels.

Guess what....I can write as blogger too but I am too lazy😂 The first time I was offered to visit Western Black Sea Region in Turkey, I had no clue where the place is, nor how it looked like. I have been to a few touristic areas of Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Cappadocia to name a few; but the names Safranbolu, Amasra, Zonguldak sounded foreign to me. I started to research the area through google, amazed to find out how beautiful the images were and I was excited to see it in person. The seven day trip was a wonderful experience for me. The first stop was at Safranbolu. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994 in the Karabuk Provence, known for its typical Ottoman houses and narrow cobble stones alleys. It was such a delightful experience to walk around. We went to Kristal Terrace where we saw amazing canyons, also to a place called Hidirlik Tepesi where we could enjoy 180 degree panoramic view whilst sipping on Saffran tea. The following days seemed to pass by so quickly. We stayed at the charming Amasra, which I think is in par with any coastal village in Italy! We went to various beaches around the coast of Bartin and Zonguldak, with crystal clear water. We had too much delicious seafood, as well as some Turkish food. We rode a train in the city, we passed by waterfall and we went to the most beautiful cave I've ever seen. The highlight of this trip was to the mountain where we had a barbeque together with the group and the locals, with goats and dogs around. I felt as if I was part of the family. Thank you @tcbakka and @kafkatur_ for the amazing experience! . @tcbakka @kafkatur_ #westernblacksearegion #batikaradenizikesfet #sassychris1turkey . .

A post shared by Christina Tan (@sassychris1) on

49. @helloamerica

This account started as one couple’s journey throughout America told through film photography and has branched into a wide array of dreaming travel images.

the west doesn't stop calling and all we can do is howl at the day and follow the next dirt road

A post shared by Hello America (@helloamerica) on

50. @ming_nomchong_photo

Ming is an amazing photographer and fashion designer whose feed is filled with travel, life and beaches.

51. @rayawashere

Raya is a travel and lifestyle vlogger who explores the Earth and spreads love — with beautiful images and a positive outlook.

Put down the map and get wonderfully lost ✨💕

A post shared by Raya ☀️ (@rayawashere) on

52. @airbnb

If you’re really wanting to open the door to your wanderlust, follow Airbnb — for an assortment of homes, experiences, and travels.

53. @drinksintheair

This account brings you exactly what you’d imagine — drinks in the air in sublime locations.

54. @court_scott

Courtney wanders around in a sea of dreamy images and astounding adventures (all while making films, travel blogs, DJing and TV hosting).

55. @sunshinestories

This account belongs to a surf and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka that’s run by Linn and Petter (a couple from Switzerland).

56. @EverChangingHorizon

Quit is an outdoor lifestyle and travel photographer based out of Southern California and Hawaii.

57. @travisburkephotography

Travis has been traveling the country for three years in his converted van, building his dream and snapping beautiful photos along the way.

58. @handluggageonly

Lloyd & Yaya are two friend, who love travel and everything to do with it – the food, the experiences, the sights, the photography, the travel gear… everything!

59. @bookonin

Naomi is a luxury blogger whose feed is filled with blue waters, bathing suits and the occasional tropical cocktail or two.

60. @rclayton

Rosie will give you style, design, wanderings and blasts of beautiful colors in the posts she shares of her travels.

61. @lebackpacker

Johan is a travel and adventure photographer and world explorer — currently on a 5-month summer road trip across 17 countries.

62. @annaeverywhere

Anna is an LA based adventure, travel and styler blogger and just like her name states, she’s everywhere.

63. @danielkordon

Daniel is a dreamer and a landscape photographer who molds those two qualities together to produce incredible travel images.

64. @ambermozo

Step into the whimsical water world of surfer, photographer, and adventure enthusiast Amber Mozo. You’ll find water babes, palm trees, coconuts and the occasional puppy. Does it get any better?

just down the road from home @keliamoniz x

A post shared by AMBER MOZO (@ambermozo) on

65. @emitoms

Emily is a marketing manager for Amazon — and also an incredible image maker based in Seattle, Washington.

66. @bemytravelmuse

Kirstin is a travel blogger and solo female traveler who has been on the move for the last two years.

67. @calsnape

Callum takes captivating images of the great outdoors — from expansive skies, to mountains, to lakes.

The stillness of the wilderness is like nothing else in the world 🌲

A post shared by Callum Snape (@calsnape) on

68. @gmateus

Gabriela thinks that staying too long in one place is boring — hence, her exceptionally well-traveled Instagram account.

The beauty of solitude

A post shared by Gabriela (@gmateus) on

69. @suitcasemag

Suitcase Mag is a print and web publication (plus app) that focuses on travel and fashion culture around the world.

70. @jackharries

Jack is a filmmaker, photographer and environmentalist who tells the stories of people and places.

71. @polarbur

Currently in Paris, Polina has a pink-hued account full of flowers, style, and cupcakes.

72. @wonderful_places

Follow this account to see wonderful places — from Italy to Thailand to Croatia.

Bali - Indonesia ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by ✨✨@timothysykes✨✨ follow him for millionaire lifestyle!!!

A post shared by Wonderful Places (@wonderful_places) on

73. @brendanvanson

Brendan is a travel photographer from Canada whose amazing images capture stars, clouds, and many miles of exploration.

74. @chaiwalla

Allan quit his London office job, sold his possessions and embarked on a life of travel.

75. @leeabbamonte

Lee is about as well-traveled as a travel photographer can get — he’s been to every country in the world, after all.

76. @passionpassport

Passion Passport serves to tell impactful stories about travel — from people to places to experiences.

77. @thefella

Conor is a fine-art photographer who focuses on travel and adventure. So far, he’s been to 60+ countries.

78. @onemileatatime

Ben is a full time travel blogger who flies 400K+ miles per year on planes filled with champagne.

I don't always redeem miles for drinks, but when I do, I redeem 10,000 SkyMiles for a bottle of Krug. 🍾🥂

A post shared by Ben Schlappig (@onemileatatime) on

79. @pausethemoment

Ryan offers a variety of perspectives in his travel photography, creative takes on the places he ventures.

!!! EGYPT !!! ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ Will you be joining me on a once in a lifetime trip to Egypt? Dates: Tour #1: October 8-17th Tour #2: October 20-29th More information about the tour can be found in the link in my IG bio OR by visiting: Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly! ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ Location: The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ #egypt #travel #traveler #travelgram #visitegypt #egypt2017 #travelinggram #igtravel #tripofalifetime

A post shared by Ryan (@pausethemoment) on

80. @girleatworld

Mel eats her way around the world one Instagram post at a time. Need we say more?

🇺🇦🍓 Wild strawberries in Voroktha, one of the small village in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Appearance-wise they look like the store-bought strawberries that we're all used to, but much tinier. They still taste similar, just a bit more sweet and more tangy. It turns out that most strawberries we know these days are a product of selective breeding by farmers over the past few decades, so they are bigger but they are not necessarily more flavorful. Being a person who has lived her entire life in metropolitan cities, I don't have much knowledge of how fruits and vegetables were grown or how to identify which tree belongs to what fruit. Going to the Carphatian Mountains was a fascinating experience. I got to see how people here grow their own fruits and vegetables for their meals and even farm their own honey! Do you know any fruit related fun facts? Share them in the comment below so I can read and learn #україна #ukraine #wildfruits #strawberry #carpathianmountains #vorokhta #girleatworld #girleatukraine

A post shared by ❤️ Mel's Food & Travel log (@girleatworld) on

81. @adventuresoflilnicki

Nicole has a thing for breakaway territories, as she says. In her feed you’ll find invigorating mountains, waters and backpacking adventures.

82. @youngadventuress

Liz is one of the world’s leading storytellers — who tells of her adventures worldwide from the mountains of Wanaka, New Zealand.

83. @paulnicklen

Paul is a photojournalist for National Geographic and co-founder of the non-profit, Sea Legacy.

Since I was a kid growing up in Baffin Island, I dreamed of finding large congregations of beluga whales in the high Arctic. They gather in the shallows of estuaries to rub on the bottom and moult. Please see our @sea_legacy video on the @natgeo Instagram feed to see hundreds of belugas traveling through these key areas. We are very excited about the recent announcement of the Lancaster Sound / Tallurutiup Imanga Marine Conservation Area. It is a good start and there is much work to be done to truly protect this area and its wild inhabitants. @justinpjtrudeau #turningthetide #mpa #whale #ocean #aerial #nature #naturelovers. With @cristinamittermeier @natgeopristineseas @steinretzlaff @derekrushton_ @kyle.roepke @erichroepke and @eyosexpeditions

A post shared by Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen) on

84. @ovunno

Oliver, who is also a filmmaker, focuses on sports, travel and lifestyle photography.

85. @eljackson

Samuel is a photographer from Norway who shares whimsical posts around the world as he travels with his wife, Hildegunn.

That's the view I prefer waking up to🙏🏼

A post shared by Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) on

86. @migrationology

Mark is based in Bangkok and is on the go in search of food, documenting his travels one epic dish at a time.

Healthy breakfast, and really good! @fairmontsanur #Bali #breakfast

A post shared by Mark Wiens (@migrationology) on

87. @theplanetd

This Insta is run by dynamic duo, Dave and Deb, and features everything from photos of lion to paradise-filled images from The Maldives.

88. @thatbackpacker

Audrey is a traveler, blogger and food lover on a constant adventure (currently in Japan).

89. @roundtheworldgirl

Elise is an active world traveler — climbing mountains, swimming the sea, wandering the wilderness.

Whenever I'm in the mountains with friends, I'm always the person nerding out about flowers and plant life. I'm constantly telling people what the names of the flowers are, which ones you can eat, what the presence of certain ones indicate, etc. I know a lot of people don't care about any of it, but I can't help but think that the more you know about something, the more you can hopefully start to care about it. It's easy to look at a beautiful landscape and have a surface level appreciation of the place simply because it's pretty, but once you understand how the landscape ticks, everything becomes so much more real. Turns out there's more to these places than just roadside pullouts and trendy Instagram pictures. ;) #scienceiscool #neature #youcantellitsalupinebecauseofthewayitis @jacksonhole . . . . . . #aroundtheworldpics #optoutside #passionpassport #instagoodmyphoto #wildernessculture #nakedplanet #liveyouradventure #earthofficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors #awesomeearth #usinterior #keepitwild #adventureculture #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #utnpackadventure #wyoming #flowers #mygtnp

A post shared by Elise 🚁 (@roundtheworldgirl) on

90. @urbanpixxels

Jacintha is a Dutch photographer, travel blogger and daydreamer always on the hunt for her next great meal.

91. @garethpon

Gareth is from South Africa and shares artistic portraits, streets snaps and landscape shots.

The calm before the storm. #spotthegprocket #fujfilmx_us #fujifilmgfx50s

A post shared by Gareth Pon | Chicago (@garethpon) on

92. @dguttenfelder

A photojournalist for National Geographic, David posts incredible images on location.

93. @triphackr

Clint is an adventure photographer who has been to 115 countries — with images that are vast and varied.

One of those boats on the left was home for 7 nights on @theyachtweek with 15 of my closest friends (sharing two yachts). You might be able to spot our boats below docked on the island of Vis. We had a 48 foot Beneteau Oceanis which was more space than I imagined below deck but it was definitely some close quarters. I'll be sharing more photos, videos and blog posts this week about the overall experience but I can say it was amazing one. We had two boats full of friends from all over the country, met people from all over the world, and had the best skipper and hostess anyone could ask for ___________________________________________ @theyachtweek ___________________________________________ #theyachtweek #theyachtweekcroatia #beneteauoceanis #croatia #vis #dji #mymavic #tyw #hvar #split #yachtlife

A post shared by Clint Johnston ✈ Triphackr (@triphackr) on

94. @theblondeabroad

Kiki, who is currently on a Hawaii and South African photo tour, shares fashion and travel tips as well as featured festivals around the world.

95. @infarawayland

Marta runs photography workshops and also, runs around to capture the majestic beauty of the mountains.

96. @michaelchristopherbrown

Michael’s photos are filled with fireworks and people and bursting with life and stories.

97. @jannickobenhoff

Jannick is a seventeen year-old based in Germany, just a boy with a camera, as he calls himself.

Flying high in the Austrian Alps. 🏔

A post shared by Jannik Obenhoff (@jannikobenhoff) on

98. @luxetiffany

Tiffany is a travel writer and luxury hotel expert who shares visions of her luxurious wanders with her followers.

Where I'd like to be today: Cheval Blanc Randheli Maldives spa! #maldives #chevalblanc #luxuryspa #🌴

A post shared by Tiffany Dowd (@luxetiffany) on

99. @gettingstamped

Hannah and Adam are a travel photographer and writer couple sharing tidbits of their incredible travel journey.

100. @natgeotravel

With a whopping nearly 20 million followers, Nat Geo Travel is posting quite literally — the most beautiful travel images on Earth.

"Stuff your eyes with wonder," Ray Bradbury once said, "live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories."

As a token of advice taken from the inspiring travel photographers listed here and the stories they tell, follow your dreams — friends of Photolemur.

We can’t wait to see what you discover and create.

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